Doug and Julie Lumgair from Windsor Ca with some dandy salmon on a wonderful day, great weather, great company and biting fish!!!!!! 
John and Tammy Barindelli with 3 of there 4 fish limit on our first trip of the year. What a start.The salmon are in and on the move. I  have been getting a few early on plugs then switching to roe as the sun comes up.Lets go fishing!!!!!!!530 623 4695
Stacy Chapman of weaverville ca with a dandy brown. The browns are around in decent numbers right now, awaiting the release of tens of thousands of hatchery smolt. Using anything that resembles a minnow right know should yeild good results.

My good buddy Forest Brinzidine of redding ca with one of about 40 rainbows landed on the lower sac in the redding area. We have been getting 20 to 40 hook ups a trip of hard charging sac rainbows. Give me a call or email at my new email  for the down lo on  whats happening Travis

The Trinity is fishing well right now, the best days are the day of storms or right after as usual. The closer to a stormy day you can fish the better, each day after rain things seem to get a little tougher. My boat has been getting around 12 hook ups a day during storms then tapering off to about 6 a day after that. The water clarity on the Trinity changes by the mile, look for the green water. Rubber legs , prince's and copper johns have been hot. Some of the steelhead are starting to spawn, as a result the egg bite is also picking up(eggs and legs). Now is the time to plan that last  steelhead trip or two for 2014. We should have about a month of good fishing left 
Patrick Lanahan with one of his many 2014 Steelies!!
Greg Linehan of Rocklin Ca enjoying the results well presented fly. Nice work!!
Owen Springer of Coffee Creek Ca with a dandy candy colored buck. 
Mike from the Bay with a fresh little hottie!!!!!!
Sorry about the major gap in reports. Been a weird very dry steelhead season here on the Trinity. The fishing has been very good despite lack of rain. Speaking of rain it is finally here!!! The river blew out below weaver creek today but the upper river was fine. It looks like some of the bigger fish are arriving and the next few weeks should be great. Been hooking some very aggresive fish the last few days. I had a big male jump nine times yesterday!!!! Let's go fishing!!!!! 530 623 4695 Travis
One of my good buddies, Charlie H. from Manilla, ca with the first salmon I saw caught May 19th in the lower Trinity!! YA HOO NOW IT'S SPRING ON THE TRINITY!!!

My first one the next day!! Yea baby. I love this time of year, I feel all fresh after winter and ready to start the whole Trinity fish cycle all over again. Every year the anticipation before that first springer is in the net is what really get's me going, I feel part of the whole circle of life here. Waiting for the fish that feed me through the long Trinity winters. I feel part of a long line of people that goes back to the dawn of time waiting for salmon. Fish On!!!!!!!!!!  

Thanks again to every one that heeded my call this late winter/early spring and came up for the high water fun. Still another month of good brown fishing to be had. As for the salmon season this year on the Trinity, book now, looking to be busy and another good year. The river will be down to 450 cfs on june 24th . Here are some shots of the high water fun this year. Give me a call or email for details on the salmon season this year. Let's go fishing!!!!!!!! Travis 530 623 4695   

Jeff K of Live Oak Ca with a nice hatchery buck. Jeff and Pat L of San Jose (pictured below) enjoyed some good late season fishing.
These 4 photos are from 2 great days I spent with Cris and Clayton. We got lucky and fished the river as it was dropping and steelhead green after last stom. My clients hooked over 70 fish all together during the week after our last rain. It looks like rain is on the way and if you are looking for one more steelhead trip, now is the time, unsettled weather on the way and about 1 more month of steelhead on the Trinity. Browns are here and should fish well all spring. Here are some more photos of the fishing this last week.
Chris G of Carmel CA with a few dandy Trinity fish. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!
A couple shots of a great day in JC with Michele and Ryan from Ukia ca using jerkbaits.
Finall photo Dan Michel from Lewiston Ca aka Dad.
Give me a call. Lets go fishing!!!!!!!!!!! Travis



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Two pics from a great day in late dec with J and Jason from nor cal.

Here is a nice shot of Cris and a nice lewiston christmas fish. Way to hook it up Chris!! Thanks for the positive vibes all day!!
One of my regulars, Matt the man Mueller from San Jo with one of his Jc fish. Way to make it happen!!!
A fun pic of the only steelhead landed on a day with Jeff from oregon and Sean fromm sonora ca. The catching was rough but the fishing was great!! I had more fun with these two guys on a rough day and I think they came away learning alot about deadrifting nymphs for steelhead. I cant wait to get these guys out when its ON!!!
All I can say is AWESOME!!! Here is a shot of Laura and Gary Ecklin of Napa ca with Laura's biggest steelhead of here short flyfishing career. These folks fish hard and like to have fun. My kind of people. We have not been getting very many fish a day the last few weeks' but they have been quality fish. Great job Laura!!!!!!!
Happy Stan Ross with what I believe is the largest steelhead caught by a client in my boat on the upper Trinity yesterday Jan 12 2013. It was about 33" and I estimate close to 15lbs. It was a battle to behold and made my whole season. He fished hard for 2 days and was rewarded in the end way to go Stan!!!!!! Here is a shot his brother Joel below. I had a blast guys, thank you!!!! The catching is rough onb the Trinity right now, but the rewards can be great. I have heard there are a bunch of steelhead working their way through the lower klamath right now, all we need is RAIN!!!!!!!! Lets go fishing Travis
Things are linning up well here on the Trinity. After about a week of rain the river is on the drop. I'm going to be fishing bait and plugs for a few days going after the big boys, then it will be back to fly fishing. Plenty of fish in the river right now, should be great the next couple weeks. This is what we  steelheaders wait for, big storm , river blows out, then it's on. Give me a call, before you read all the great reports to come, let's go mak'em.. Travis 
Nice work Scott!!
Jeff Kettleson releasing a sweet native!!
Greg Linehan hooking it up!!!!!!

Fall is here and the shorts and sandals have been put away. Time to bust out the gore tex and put the heaters in the boat. Fishing has been decent, fish counts out of Willow Creek are dropping, and I think they will keep doing so until we get a good shot of rain. We got a little a few days ago but not enough to raise or color up the river. The smolts have PRETTY much worked their way down the river, but now there are as many flyfishermen around as there were smolts a week ago!! It is good to see people out doing what they enjoy and the vibe has been good on the river. The Trinity river guide scene has been going through some growing pains the last few years , but things are on the mend. I think everyone should just treat people they way they would like to be treated and all will be good. Give people a little space and respect and good things happen, if nothing else you may just make a friend out there. There was a good push of steelhead and salmon that came up the river with those high flows we had in aug and sept, but the have spread out and we could use some rain, been catching 5 to 10 salmon a day with a steelie mixed in here and there. Then fall mornings are beautiful  and its nice not to be getting hot during the day, give me a call, LET'S GO FISHING   Travis 
It's on. Fall run is showing up and so are the steelhead. Hope you can make it up this year, looking to be off(or on ) the hook. Travis